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Roshi Limited Edition Premium CTC Black Tea | Single Origin| Gift Pack

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With the expertise of producing teas since 1936, Roshi is introducing you to the most flavorful cup of chai ever! We guarantee the quality, aroma and rich taste of this limited edition hand-picked teas, made with a high fine leaf percent to ensure a great tasting experience. So go ahead and upgrade your Chai Routine!
* Single Origin
* Tasting Notes - Aromatic, Full bodied & a strong cup, with a flavorful punch
* From Terai (Darjeeling District)

Net Weight -150g
MRP - 500/- (Inclusive of all taxes)


The Most Savory Cup of Chai Ever!

It's time to Upgrade your Chai Routine

Customer Reviews

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Best Black Tea in Market

I have had the opportunity to try many different types of black tea. Some of them have been great, while others have been less than stellar. But one black tea that I always come back to is Roshi Limited Edition Premium CTC Black Tea. This tea has a rich, full-bodied flavour that is perfect for any occasion.

The first thing you notice about Roshi Limited Edition Premium CTC Black Tea is its aroma. It has a strong, inviting scent that is reminiscent of fresh-baked bread. When you brew the tea, the aroma only intensifies.

The taste of Roshi Limited Edition Premium CTC Black Tea is just as impressive as the aroma. It has a smooth, creamy texture that is balanced by a tartness that comes from the tea's natural acidity. The flavour is complex and nuanced.