The essence of ROSHI comes primarily from its meaning; a guru of the Zen Buddhist monks whose seniority offers wisdom, tranquility, and an insight into the right way of living. ROSHI strives to deliver an authentic experience of the finer things in life that transcend your inner wellbeing and holistically enrich your life. It's our pleasure to serve you our refreshing teas that are a pristine amalgamation of nourishing ingredients, and to fill your cup with warmth, wellness, and ecstasy all at once.

We are delighted to present to you Roshi, a tea brand that stands synonymous with a delectable taste and experience. 100 percent natural ingredients make the foundation of our tea that brings wellness in a packet.

Roshi is a promise, a journey, and a sprinkle of much-needed calm. 


Our Story 

In 1936, we began our tea journey as New Tea Company Limited in Kolkata, West Bengal. Our venture started as a small initiative to provide tasty and healthy tea to everyone.

With a rising consciousness about a healthy lifestyle, we wish to bring to you a product that nourishes your body while not letting you miss the essence of our rich heritage. We firmly believe that a fit and content body is the key to a healthy society as a whole.

We have our product compositions approved by ayurvedic doctors, nutritionists, and expert tea tasters.

With over 50 years of refined experience in offering our customers the best tea, it is our paramount priority to ensure that each cup delivers a genuinely wholesome feel. Infused by a passion for our rich Indian heritage and brimming with exceptionally heightened wisdom and experience, we make sure that this mixture of exquisite ingredients perfectly melds into those ephemeral moments of your life.

Is tea just a concoction of ingredients to be consumed? Or is it something more? We firmly believe that a cup of tea is not merely a sensorial pleasure — it could also prove to be of profound efficacy in terms of health. Roshi is a brand of exclusively blended teas brewed precisely for this — to embrace the beauty of life and appreciate every moment. It instils the goodness of nourishing herbs to provide a slew of benefits — from detoxifying and energizing to relaxing and metabolism-boosting. That is exactly what we bring to you by using 100% natural herbs and spices in our products.

Trust us, a sip of this flavourful beverage is an organic sentimentality in itself. The name 'Roshi' goes back to a meditative practice to uplift and calm the body and mind — apt for an enriching, flavoured tea that is an enlivening sip of serenity, a divine reconnection with the soul, and a blissful journey of sensory indulgence.

An FSSAI-approved tea brand created with the blessing of Ayurvedic experts- we vouch for our products’ premier quality.

Roshi is wellness, made delightful.