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Assorted Tea Collection | 25 Tea Bags

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Sampler Pack of 5 flavors with 5 tea bags each! Whole herbs and spices Contains low caffeine and natural caffeine-free options.
  • Builds inner body strength
  • Body detoxifier
  • Promotes natural healing and good sleep
  • Curbs cravings and boosts metabolism
  • Prevents sore throat
  • Ingredients - Turmeric, Amla, Moroccan mint, Tulsi, Ginger, Lemon , Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Chamomile

MRP : ₹240 Inclusive of all taxes | Net weight : 47.5g

Brewing Instructions

• Place the teabag in a cup

• Pour hot water and brew for 3-5 minutes

• Remove the teabag & Enjoy your cup of tea! (Add sweetener if needed)

A little variety is always welcome and appreciated.

What could be better than getting a medley of Roshi's tea in a single pack of assorted flavors? Roshi brings you its exquisite Assorted Tea Collection. All your favorite flavors with their enriched ingredients have found a place in a single box.

✅ The goodness of Roshi’s ingredients packed in a box.

✅ Rich with superfoods, delicious taste and exclusive variety

✅ The richness of Ayurveda

✅ Magic of diversely sourced authentic ingredients.

✅ Immunity boosting, rejuvenating and detoxifying

✅ Aids digestion, cures seasonal discomfort and stress-relieving.

✅ Experience of more than five decades in the art of tea-making.

Inside the pack

Roshi Digestive Delight Tea

Roshi's perfect composition of ginger, hibiscus, cumin, and ajwain have come together to give you the Digestive Delight Tea. Abundant with whole herbs and spices, this concoction helps aid digestion and rehydrate the body in the best way possible.

Roshi ImmuniCare Tea

The relishable qualities of amla and turmeric now come in Roshi ImmuniCare tea. ImmuniCare is all you need to please your taste buds and boost your immunity. It is the perfect natural antidote.

Roshi Detox Green Tea

The best therapeutic detox for inner healing and restoration, Roshi's Daily Detox Tea is a deliciously healthy amalgamation of Moroccan mint, tulsi, milk thistle, green tea, and turmeric. It promotes gut health and detoxifies the body leaving a refreshing after taste.

Roshi Simply Slim Green Tea

When the delicious and the rich taste of ingredients like lemongrass, cinnamon, coriander, and turmeric blend with the goodness of green tea, Roshi's Simply Slim Green tea is made. Improve your fitness regime with our enlivening metabolism-boosting tea that curbs cravings and aids weight loss.

Roshi Inner Calm Tea

The Inner Calm tea is a 100% natural, caffeine-free flowering delight. This calming floral delight is full of the stress-relieving properties of chamomile and tulsi. It is pleasing to the palate, enhances focus, and promotes sound sleep.

Customer Reviews

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Janakiram S

Prompt service.



Nitin Jash
Delicious Assorted

Excellent taste and aroma, loved each one. Love to have again.

giridhar pandurangan

Five sachets each of 5 varieties. Nice packing and teas have good flavours. Enjoying it.

Janardhana sure

Tasty & healthy