Digestive Delight Tea
Digestive Delight Tea
Digestive Delight Tea
Digestive Delight Tea
Digestive Delight Tea
Digestive Delight Tea
Digestive Delight Tea
Digestive Delight Tea

Digestive Delight Tea

100% Natural Ingredients*

Lose yourself in an earthy treat of warming solace to settle and soothe your digestive system.

  • Supports the digestive system
  • Enhance immunity and rehydration
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Naturally Caffeine Free
₹ 220.00

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Over 5,00,000+ Cups Sold

Who Is It For

Suffering from severe digestive
problems, bloating & acidity?

People who can't stop eating junk food

Taste Profile

A blend of fruity flavors basking in
the glory of golden turmeric




Caffeine Free

Time of day

After Meals




Aromatic, warm with camphorous and woody undertones.



Wellness Made Delightful


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Just go for it!

This is my favourite. I have major digestive issues and Roshi's digestive delight tea came to my rescue. I have it after meals thrice a day and my stomach thanks me for it. The tea bag is packed with flavours and so much health benefits as it has ajwain, fennel, ginger and hibiscus. Definitely go for this one and it will work wonders.


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Herbal Tea with Real Herbs!!

This is a great tea with a strong aroma and a soothing taste. It helps in digestion and puts you at ease. Unlike other teas, you get real herb. Overall it’s a fantastic product with a unique colour!!


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Best after-meal tea 👍

Amazing taste and Aroma. Helps to reduce bloating and good for Digestion. Liked the taste of Sauf, ginger and hibiscus. Best after meal tea!


What Roshi Means

Passion for ancient Indian wisdom coupled with the expertise of producing teas since 1936, has given birth to the finest teas in the name of Roshi. Each sip of Roshi has been infused with the goodness of natural herbs and delectable spices to fill your cup of tea with warmth, wellness, and ecstasy all at once.

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