Wellness with Ayurveda - A ROSHI guide

Wellness with Ayurveda - A ROSHI guide

Ayurvedic herbal teas, popularly known as grandmother’s Kadha, is a household name in many parts of the Indian subcontinent. If you are tired of getting disappointed by the taste of your herbal teas, Roshi brings you a guide to achieve your blend of health and delight.

Inspired by philosophies from Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita of Ayurveda, herbal teas are potent infusions made from herbs, spices, flowers, fruits, or other plant parts blended to create unique flavours and therapeutic properties.

Know your tea blends

  1. Floral Herbal Teas - known for aromatic qualities and calming effects. A powerful ingredient in this category is Chamomile which promotes relaxation and promotes sleep when used at right proportions.

2. Fruit Herbal Teas - often served cold, known for the tangy mouthful and vibrant and refreshing. Think of citrus blends like orange peel and lemon to give you an energy boost in the middle of a sunny afternoon.

3. Ayurvedic herbal teas - taken for improving a specific ailment and support overall well being. A popular one in this category is the infusion of Ginger for its digestive , nausea relief benefits.

Roshi philosophies on choosing your tea -

When selecting herbal teas, consider your taste preferences, health goals, and the specific benefits of each type. Whether you're looking to unwind with a calming chamomile tea or boost your energy levels with a revitalising floral infusion, there's a herbal tea for every occasion and mood.

  • Herbal Selection: Choose the right herb. While preparing tea blends, the quality and quantity of these herbs go hand in hand. Take note of the flavour profile of the herb, its warming or cooling effect(guna)  in your body and the taste(rasa) for digestive effects(vipaka). E.g. Mint has a cooling effect which balances acid reflux whereas ginger has warming effects that boosts digestion.

  • Seasonal Considerations: Choose your tea guided by seasons. Think of seasonal cold and cough ailments during monsoon to go for a warm cup of tulsi tea which naturally builds up your immune system.
  • Think holistically: A cup of herbal tea is not going to get rid of obesity or insomnia. But to get the maximum benefits from them, try taking a step towards  improving your surrounding behaviours like exercise, hydration, and a healthy diet. Remember Ayurveda is a science of life, which depends on a balance of body, mind and spirit.

Still confused?  Try our Assorted pack which contains 5 flavourful herbal teas. When you are ready to commit to your favourite flavour, we’ll be right here!

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