Black Tea

The Delicious Black Tea: What Makes it So Enchanting?

Did you know that India is one of the largest producers of the world’s black tea? You probably did, didn’t you? But here's something you certainly did not know. Of all the tea produced in India, 70% is consumed within the country itself! Clearly, we love our tea and the many Indian brands that make them. But among them all, there is one name that has been a remarkably popular choice since 1936 - Roshi. So, today, as you sip on a cup of Roshi’s steaming hot Premium Black Tea, we’d like to share some delectable tea facts with you.

Some Incredible Facts About the Beloved Black Tea

Despite our deep affection for tea, some things about it can still surprise us.

1.   Black tea is the most oxidised of the lot.

Among the many varieties of tea (oolong, white, yellow and green), black tea undergoes the longest period of oxidation, lending it its luscious flavour.

2.   Tea was once a favoured medicine.

Modern research suggests that black tea offers health benefits such as antioxidants that can protect the heart.

3.   Assam might just have a state drink, and its tea!

In 2011, the then-chief minister of Assam declared tea to be the state's drink, vowing to even make the beverage a national drink.

4.   Darjeeling tea is often referred to as "the champagne of teas."

Given its robust aroma and delicious flavour profile, this is hardly a surprise!

With the expertise of producing teas since 1936, Roshi is introducing you to the most flavorful cup of chai ever! We guarantee the quality, aroma and rich taste of this limited edition hand-picked teas, made with a high fine leaf percent to ensure a great tasting experience. So go ahead and upgrade your Chai Routine!

5.   India is home to a huge variety of teas.

According to India’s Tea Board, these include Darjeeling, Assam, Kangra, Nilgiri, Munnar, Dooars-Terai, Masala tea and Sikkim tea. But India also boasts of other types of teas, such as Kashmiri pink tea, Sulaimani tea, Zafrani tea, Kulhad wali chai, and more.

6.   Black tea has one of four scales of quality.

Whole-leaf teas are considered the best, with the highest quality whole-leaf tea being graded as “Orange Pekoe.” Following this, the scale also holds broken leaves, fannings and dust.

7.   Among the many types of tea, black tea has the most caffeine.

However, it still has less caffeine than coffee.

8.   'Darjeeling tea’ is an officially registered term.

Since 2004, the term ‘Darjeeling tea’ has been used to refer to tea leaves plucked from specific gardens in the region, adding a layer of authenticity to your favourite brew.

Roshi - A Tea That Transcends Emotions

Since its birth, Roshi has embodied the exuberance of ancient traditions left behind by our tea masters. This has then allowed it to provide its consumers an exclusive experience in the delights of tea-drinking.

And now, Roshi brings you a limited edition Premium Black Tea that is synonymous with the joys of good health and the satisfaction of upgrading your chai routine. This tea bursts with an irresistible aroma and rich flavour that acts as the perfect stress buster after a long day of work.

But there’s also more to it. Made from the remarkable second flush teas that grow on the slopes of Darjeeling’s Terai region, this tea holds the strength of a full-bodied chai in every cup.

So, with its invigorating blend of Broken Pekoe and Orange Fannings, Roshi’s new black tea is one you should never miss out on!

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