Roshi Premium CTC Black Tea | 250g | Single Origin | Chai Patti From Terai region in Darjeeling District | Aromatic, Full bodied & Strong Chai | Flavourful Blend & Kadak Chai

Rediscover Your Love for Chai with Roshi's Premium Black Tea

Robust and luscious. That’s how I would describe Roshi’s new and exclusive Premium Black Tea.

You see, in just that first whiff you take, this exquisite brew makes you lose yourself in its savory aroma. Then, as you take a piping hot sip, it lifts you up into the skies where you float about on cloud nine. Sure, you may eventually have to come back down to Earth. But as someone who has previously been engulfed by the mesmerizing flavor of this tea, I can assure you that you simply cannot resist a second sip. Soon, you’d be taking a third, a fourth, and even a fifth refreshing sip, until you’ve downed the entire cup. And that, dear folks, is when you realize that there is no going back now.

So what is it about this brew that makes it so uniquely divine? Let’s have a look.

Why Roshi’s Premium Black Tea is a Drink Befitting the Gods

With its special blend of broken Pekoe and orange fannings, Roshi’s Premium Black Tea perfectly embodies the emotions behind every cup of chai. And as if that wasn’t mouthwatering enough, it even comes with a bunch of amazing qualities that are sure to make you fall in love.

 Roshi is introducing you to the most flavourful cup of chai ever! We guarantee the quality, aroma and rich taste of this limited edition hand-picked teas, made with a high fine leaf percent to ensure a great tasting experience.

An Intense Flavour That You’ve Never Tasted Before

If you’re a chai-lover like me, there is probably nothing more important than finding a brew with the right trifecta of colour, aroma and flavour. Thankfully, with Roshi’s Premium Black Tea, that is exactly what you get! This drink, with its unique blend of second-flush teas, is designed to give you a strong punch of flavour with every sip. But more importantly, when you pour in some milk to complete its transformation into a full-bodied chai, it takes on a delectable reddish-brown color that can give you a fresh jolt of energy at just its sight.

Brought Directly from the Gardens of Masterful Tea Cultivators

Plucked from the beautiful slopes of Darjeeling’s Terai region, this new premium black tea is carefully hand-picked to bring you the best of Roshi’s brews. Consequently, this specially-curated blend of single-origin tea comes packed with a truly unparalleled chance to foray into wholesome living. But that’s not all! With its high percentage of fine-leaf content and low dust, this drink offers you a refined tasting experience that gives your day an incredible start.

The Perfect Gifting Option for a Loved One

Take it from me, folks. For a true chai connoisseur, there is nothing more special than being gifted a pack of limited-edition premium black tea. On top of that, this tea even helps you upgrade your chai routine and brings you an abundance of good health. Of course, Roshi also goes one step ahead and offers you a charming tin can version that makes for a wonderful gift!

So what are you waiting for? Visit Roshi’s website and vendor pages today, and give yourself a rare chance to fall in love with your favorite drink again!

 Each sip of this hand-picked brew bursts with enticing aroma, allowing you to lose yourself in its soothing warmth. This limited edition black tea offers you a refined tasting experience derived from its high fine-leaf percent. So go ahead, upgrade your Chai Routine and fall in love with every sip!

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