Facing the Struggle between Good and Bad Habits with Roshi

Facing the Struggle between Good and Bad Habits with Roshi

We all have experience when it comes to engaging in unhealthy habits. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either blatantly lying or just severely ignorant of their unhealthy habits.

At Roshi, we firmly believe that only a physically healthy body can nourish a healthy mind. Hence, we bring you our range of naturally sourced tea in its most nutrient-rich form.

Firstly, let's start by talking about the moralization of habits and how that adds more fuel to the momentum of these unhealthy habits.


To be honest, habits are neither "good" nor "bad." They are simply ways of acting that we have been repeated until they have reached a point of unconscious repetition. The very act of calling a habit "bad" just allows more of that given behavior. Having said that, why is cutting back on an unhealthy obsession such a daunting task? Stress and addiction top the list of causative factors.

We usually don't like when others tell us that we're engaging in a "bad" habit, and because of this, we want to feel in control of our lives. As a result, we compensate to the other extreme and simply fall deeper into the trap of the "bad" habit. When we're told to stop smoking, we'll smoke even more; when we're meant to stop eating junk food, we'll eat more junk food. Rebellion is a natural tendency for the human species, and because of that, it is not wise to moralize habits as either "good" or "bad." This causes us to get the opposite results of what we intended in the first place.

We humans also fear change because it means that we must get uncomfortable. This is the last thing that we want to do because we love to stay within our comfort zone, and usually, we require life to shove us in the back to get ourselves in order.


The solution to moralizing our habits is simply this — shift your language from using 'good' and 'bad' to using 'healthy' and unhealthy.' This simple shift in language changes the dynamic in which we interact with the habits we engage in because it shifts from the attitude of "I'm not supposed to be doing this" to "It's not wise to be doing this." There's a massive difference.

Using the word 'healthy' means that the habit you are engaging in empowers you and aids you in becoming a healthier version of yourself. The term 'unhealthy' implies that the practice you are engaging in is dis-empowering you and moving you away from becoming the most potent version of yourself. It is a form of self-compassion in context to changing one's habits.



With an experience of close to a century in offering our customers the best tea, Roshi's foremost priority is to ensure that each cup delivers to you nothing short of holistic goodness.

It doesn't matter what the unfortunate habit is because it's just you relying on something to give you emotional support. It's a crutch that you use to make yourself feel better in the present moment. In essence, a bad habit is just a groove that's been etched in your brain through repetition.

When trying to drop a bad habit, the most important thing to consider is asking yourself, "Why am I trying to drop this bad habit?" You have to take 100% responsibility for your bad habit. You can't blame others or circumstances for your addiction because it all comes down to you. Roshi makes your life simpler, with beverages that you can easily slip into your lifestyle.

You have to believe that you can get rid of the bad habit. That’s precisely why we’re here for you. You get what you focus on. Shift your attention to great habits or high-quality activities. Follow through with it, and you are guaranteed a path of meaning and holistic well-being.

At Roshi, we present the most nutritional tea with the best wholesome benefits. Roshi believes that it is our duty to ensure that you remain in the pink of health. When it comes to health, what could be better than the essence of our very own roots? We wish to offer you a tea that nourishes your body while not letting you miss the core of our scientifically-backed, rich Ayurvedic heritage.



Roshi's herbal tea is not a mere steamy cup — it is generations of experience in a single concoction. Our yummy and nourishing tea can be your perfect companion in the journey towards improvement, towards embracing more healthier habits.




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