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Embracing a Healthier Version of Yourself with Roshi

We live in an era where people are growing more conscious of the health choices they make. Surely, it is a great sign, given the unprecedented rise in various health-related issues like hypertension, sinusitis, heart problems, diabetes, stress-related ailments,  in the recent past.

Only a healthy body can indeed house a healthy mind. At Roshi, we firmly stand by this and hence, bring you our range of naturally sourced tea in its most nutrient-rich form.


The Stressor and it’s source

Let's think about it. Why is cutting back on an unhealthy habit such a daunting task? Stress and addiction top the list of causative factors. We are so busy in our fast-paced lives that we fail to pause and understand our body and mind's needs. Workplace stress might be affecting your health more than you perceive. The work-family conflict, absence of job control, and economic insecurity are all causes. The combination of working too much and excessive stress can have drastic effects on health. People's minds affect their bodies.

To top it all, this past year, we have had one of the biggest predicaments affecting the entire human race, the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a need, more than ever, to know about ways to combat our stress and move towards a healthier version of ourselves.


It’s all in the mind.

Today, most folks are all sunken beneath the burden of work and a fast- paced life, which increases their tendency to fall prey to tasty junk food, further hampering their health. We often tend to forget the benefits of naturally procured and authentically made food elements for our body. Our generation runs on an expresso of a commercial coffee chain rather than having a home-made cup of milk to function better.


Lifestyle is the key.

No one can deny that taking out additional time is barely possible, and if we have to take care of ourselves, we ought to bring the change right from the core of our lifestyles. Small changes can lead to a big transformation in the end. We need to make a start and once the benefits are reaped, there is no turning back.

Experimenting with new fitness regimes, consuming more natural products,  being mindful and more active about weight loss resolutions, following a rigorous yoga routine or hitting the gym ; these are the baby steps you can take to alter your lifestyle to a better one.

We cannot ignore the power of the trivial habits of our lives, like the beverage we consume daily. What if we told you that you could avail better health  along with a lip-smacking taste? Wouldn't that be just awesome?


Roshi to the rescue

It's what we do at Roshi. With a refined experience of close to a century in offering our customers the best tea, Roshi's paramount priority is to ensure that each cup delivers to you nothing short of holistic goodness.

We present the most wholesome tea with the best nutritional benefits. We consider it our duty to ensure that you remain in the pink of health. When it comes to health, what could be better than the essence of our very own roots?

Thus, we urge you to turn to Roshi that entails the goodness of herbs handpicked directly from the lap of nature. We wish to offer you a tea that nourishes your body while not letting you miss the essence of our scientifically-backed, rich Ayurvedic heritage.

We're doing our best to build a healthy society, are you?

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