Effective Ways to Reuse your TeaBags from Roshi

Effective Ways to Reuse your TeaBags from Roshi

Drinking tea is such a blissful experience, but so is conserving our mother nature and living a sustainable lifestyle. If you are an avid tea lover, then integrating the three R's of sustainability- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle into your routine will help you gain even more satisfaction with your daily indulgence in Roshi's herbal zest.

Once brewed, tea bags might not provide enough flavour for another cup, but there are multiple practical ways to reuse tea bags and reduce wastage. Here are some realistic and productive ways to use the content of our Roshi Tea Bags again so that your body and house will thank-you later!

You can reuse tea bags as an active fertilizer. Don’t toss away your used tea bags; instead, use them as a unique potting mix. If you are a gardener and possess indoor or outdoor plants, use the ginger tea grains inside the soggy bag to enhance your plant’s growth. Ginger tea bags encompass tannins and are rich in magnesium that aids in boosting soil fertility and increasing the soil’s nitrogen level. It keeps the weeds at bay and functions as an active pest controller as it deters them from attacking your plants with a strong scent. It also acts as a sponge that retains water near the roots.

You can get rid of the unpleasant odour in your refrigerator by plopping a bowl of the used cinnamon tea bag in it. Keeping these tea bags for at least three hours can remove fish scents or any awful smells and restore it with a calming freshness of tea leaves. It is also the most effective household remedy to remove the shoe odour. Placing moist tea bags that contain lemongrass inside your smelly shoes can kill bacteria growth and dissipate pungent stench.

Enjoying a mug of tea will give you instant freshness and help you relax after a morning buzz. Like detoxing your inside by brewing a natural tea, it is also essential to cleanse your external body. A luxurious herbal bath is a well-known stress buster with therapeutic qualities. Tulsi and turmeric in Roshi tea bags are exceptional ingredients with germicidal and antibiotic qualities that help you take a comforting detox bath. Amla present in Roshi tea bags can instil your water with antioxidants that reduce inflammation and restore an ample amount of minerals to the skin. You can use at least two to five tea bags for a long 40 minutes detox bath. It also helps you to relax and soothe sore muscles and rashes.

Bug-bites and itch-rashes can give you instant headaches in the morning. If you have a mosquito or spider bites from your sleep, then turmeric tea bags are your rescue. Turmeric has Ayurvedic power and anti-inflammatory qualities that can give relief from skin irritations. Using teabags is an essential quick home remedy to go itch-free. Chamomile flowers in Roshi tea possess healing properties that target your skin bumps, and using tea bags filled with crushed flowers can cure your skin irritation with ease. It is also a beneficial antispasmodic that releases muscle tension and cramps.

Aromatherapy is another holistic approach to improve health and well-being. If you suffer from anxiety or poor sleep, this healing therapy is a suitable way to activate your sensory receptors and boost your emotions of relaxation. Reuse our lemongrass and ginger herbal tea bags that contain medicinal plants for inhaling and experience simultaneous release from breathing troubles and dehydration. Warm water and herbal constituents are a potent combination that removes bacteria and helps to ease depression. Teabags are medicinal pouches filled with Ayurvedic herbs that exfoliate your skin and rejuvenate your body.

If you are a daily tea drinker, you may generate more waste than you expected. From essential potting mix to restoring your skin’s balance, our teabags at Roshi are reusable in various possible ways. So, next time you decide to drink your Roshi tea, don’t forget to utilize it again in whichever way it suits your needs.

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