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From the palette of memories - The perfect grandma’s recipe

As adults with busy lives, we often have moments when a specific aroma, taste, song, or dish takes us back to our childhood and brings a rush of memories, causing nostalgia and a wave of happiness. For many of us, these memories comprise of our grandmothers who showered us with unlimited love, protection from mother's wrath, and shelter from father's scoldings. A sip of Roshi's calming cup of herbal and green tea will help you relive those memories and experience that ecstatic feeling again.

A cup of Roshi's tea will take you back to the days when you spent your winter vacations at grandma's. The warm embrace, the quick recipes to help you with your cold or flu, and the relaxing ambiance she provided you with. However, those recipes which were not always appealing to the palate were gulped by us due to our love for her. Roshi's sound flavors rid you of this ordeal of gulping herbal tea for the sake of your health. Instead, we provide you with the best of both worlds: amazing taste and well-being. A sip of Roshi's calming cup of herbal and green tea will help you relive those memories and experience that ecstatic feeling again.

What makes Roshi's tea experience similar to grandma's recipe?

If the modern-day grandma's kitchen had to be given a name, Roshi would stand synonymous with it. Grandma has lots of recipes in store that she magically flips out, and this is precisely what Roshi's range of tea provides to its consumers. The art of tea making is one that requires much attention and accuracy. An imperfect pinch of any ingredient can spoil the entire beverage. However, this kind of accuracy comes with experience in the field of tea making, an expert opinion, and wisdom about the art. Since Roshi is a brand that can be traced to a company with an experience of more than eight decades and is backed by the science of Ayurveda that is almost 5,000 years old, this accuracy is guaranteed.

The variety of tea offered by Roshi consists of a range of ingredients that have proven effective for several decades. These ingredients are also found in the "kadha" (potion) that our grandmothers would quickly brew for us during a severe cough or fever. For instance, mulethi, Haldi, ashwagandha. These ingredients are known to be used by sages in ancient times for their health benefits. At the same time, our grandparents would continuously remind us of these ingredients' miraculous effects on us. The tea brewed carefully by Roshi does not only consist of the best tea leaves picked from the finest tea gardens of the country but also phenomenal ingredients that have healing effects on the mind and body.

The delicious food cooked by grandma with a dash of her fantastic secret ingredient is what you will remember when you take a sip of Roshi's delicious tea. A rare occurrence in the arena of the green & herbal tea industry is a good taste with beneficial effects; well, for Roshi, it is just a spoof since we believe in making "wellness delightful" through the equation of impeccable taste and the goodness formula.

After a playful day of loitering and discovering the wonders of childhood, coming home to our grandmothers' embrace was what made the day complete. Grandma would quickly whip up a scrumptious treat of your choice, and nothing could be at par with that perfect recipe. Inspired by these memories and the will to keep them intact, Roshi's tea has the essence of these moments in its succulent flavours and fresh taste that will help you take a sigh of relief and give you a break from those exhausting hours of work. The perfect stress reliever, like a grandma's caress, is the idea behind Roshi.

With the return of more traditional eating habits due to health consciousness, ingredients, and food items that had been long forgotten are making a comeback. Many ancient health-seeking practices of Yoga, meditation, rejuvenation techniques, etc., are becoming the town's talk. However, if we oil our time machines and recall, we can remember that our grandmothers always propagated these practices. "Daadi ka nuskha" was not just effective physically but had a soothing effect mentally too. The oil massages that still remain in the form of spa treatments had therapeutic benefits, provided to us at the comfort of our homes with much love.

Keeping this tradition of home comfort intact and driving inspiration from these health-seeking behaviors, Roshi's range of herbal tea provides a lifestyle that is a concoction of all the grandmothers' robust recipes and habits.

Humans come from nature and return to nature. Our eating habits become much more healthy once we inculcate a bit of nature in them. Roshi revolutionizes your beverage consumption by ensuring that its herbal ingredients and recipes are as close to the elements of nature as possible. Each Roshi flavor is authentic in nature, with its diverse sourcing derived from the roots of nature. The tea gardens where the tea is picked from are in the lap of nature, keeping their freshness and authenticity pristine. The formula used in various home remedies is natural in the real sense. These home remedies are equated with Roshi's master craftsmanship in tea brewing, giving them a remedial attribute. Roshi is your perfect cup of stress-buster, cold relief, and detox, also assuring a captivating taste for your pleasure. The ultimate solution for your tiring day or the perfect companion throughout your fitness drive. Boosting immunity and with the onset of winter, shielding you against seasonal discomforts, our range of tea flavors have got it all covered for you.

Roshi's personality is that of a sage with plenty of wisdom and experience in his field of specialization. A similar personality can be attributed to a grandma's relieving and cogent recipes and remedies. This legacy is what you will experience through Roshi's taste each time you consume a pack of its tea.

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