A pinch of perfection, a dash of delight: Roshi is Ready!

A pinch of perfection, a dash of delight: Roshi is Ready!

What does it take to make a perfect cup of tea? The standard answer would be tea leaves, sugar, milk, or water. What sets Roshi apart is that it is not just a blend of the common tea variants but a perfect concoction. A concoction that becomes a part of lifestyle and changes your tea drinking experience. What causes this phenomenon? The magic of Roshi ingredients.


Roshi's tea is not just a delight served in a cup of tea, it is a way of life that is carefully designed, with the help of perfect ingredients. These ingredients are used to make each flavor of Roshi tea a diversely curated, authentically sourced, and a magically blended delightful treat.  What's more, these virtues of Roshi are backed by Ayurveda, a proven science, which is almost 5,000 years old and is medically beneficial in many ways.


A common question raised in the case of beverage-drinking habits is the caffeine content. Roshi relieves you from the hassle of keeping track of your caffeine consumption. A common variant of Roshi’s flavours is green tea that naturally contains low caffeine levels. However, the herbal teas without the presence of green tea are naturally caffeine-free.


One of Roshi's distinct qualities is the presence of whole herbs used in its composition. These whole herbs are usually dried and preserved naturally, providing the fullest spectrum of each plant's unique phytochemical signature as suggested by the experts at Roshi. When Roshi makes the promise of making wellness delightful, it does so with utmost dedication, which is proven by the use of whole herbs that are much safer than artificial extracts. These extracts often use harsh chemicals for soaking solvents that can be unsafe for consumption.


Roshi is a brand of India that believes in the wonders of Indian ingredients and Ayurveda. The use of several ancient and long-discovered ingredients and composition is the secret behind Roshi's magic.

The presence of ingredients like turmeric, amla, mulethi, ashwagandha, tulsi, ajwain, chamomile, clove, coriander, mint, hibiscus, and green tea is what makes Roshi the perfect amalgamation of superfoods. These beneficial ingredients are further enhanced when accompanied by the luscious tastes of blueberry, lemon zest, coriander, mint, chamomile, etc.


Turmeric, an immunity booster; ginger the go-to for seasonal cold and cough; lemon, the perfect body detoxifier; amla, the nectar of life; moringa, coming from the miracle tree; ashwagandha, a beneficial ingredient for generations now; chamomile the perfect stress-reliever. These magical ingredients come into the hands of our tea experts and are combined with our hand-picked tea leaves from our gardens, a perfect Roshi flavor is born to bring about an enchanting tea-drinking experience for you, making tea time an absolute delight.

The perfection of Roshi tea is in the qualities each of its flavour has. It consists of diverse qualities just like its ingredients: it has rejuvenation, detoxification, immunity-boosting, stress-relief, healing properties, the ability to curb cravings and aid digestion, and a 100% natural core.

All these perfections reach a new level when they come with the most delicious taste that tea-drinkers could experience.

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